I have always had the desire to build a big picture of the world and understand how things work, that was the reason why I studied physics.
Optics was a natural move since the modern physics built upon discoveries made by early scientist about the nature of the light.
It has been very natural to orient my career about “light shaping” technologies: Lens design, illumination systems, spatial light modulation (displays), colorimetry.
As one of my dearest hobby is photography, I had at the same time a big appeal towards images, which are the practical visualization of the shaping that light undergoes when it interacts with the real world.
From the alliance of both passion for light and images, I developped skills in image acquisition systems, computer vision, 3D systems and processing. I am not an expert in software development, but I was facinated
by the power of GPGPU when applied to the calculation of disparity maps and interpolated images in stereovision systems. One of my dearest achievement, maybe because it was not my field, is a real-time disparity estimator written in CUDA and OpenCL, which ranks as the most precise real-time estimator.

For a very long period in my career, I was involved in consumer electronics development and was not allowed to publish our achievements, but in 2010, as I turned towards more scientific topics, I began to publish again after 17 years of written silence!

The projects I have worked on as well as my skills are described in the CV on the home page of this website.

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