Metagrating solutions for full color single-plate waveguide combiner

In this work we propose several full-color metagrating solutions for single waveguide-based
Augmented and Virtual Reality near-eye display systems. The presented solutions are based on a combination of
reflective and/or transmissive diffraction gratings inside or outside a waveguide. The proposed in-coupler
designs have high diffraction efficiency across a wide angular range. Applying our new grating combination
solution, we can provide good gathering of diffracted rays for the different colors. We demonstrate that by using
a dual-mode symmetrical in-coupling system and angular pupil tiling, we can extend the overall horizontal FoV
for three RGB colors. The new characteristics of the full single waveguide system including Eye Pupil Expander
and out-coupling components compatible with the proposed in-coupling solutions are discussed. We show that a
new nonsymmetrical design of metagratings can be used to change its diffraction properties improving the
diffraction efficiency and diffraction uniformity of the optical components.

Metagrating solutions for full color single-plate waveguide combiner” Oksana Shramkova * , Valter Drazic, Guillaume Bourcin, Bobin Varghese, Laurent Blondé, and Valérie AlliéMetamaterials for Novel Wave Phenomena in Microwaves, Optics, and Mechanics. 2022.