Optimal Depth Resolution in Plenoptic Imaging

 Plenoptic cameras1are able to acquire multi-view content that can be displayed on auto-stereoscopic displays. Depth maps can be generated from the set of multiple views. As it is a single lens system, very often the question arises whether this system is suitable for 3D or depth measurement. The underlying thought is that the precision with which it is able to generate depth maps is limited by the aperture size of the main lens. In this paper, we will explore the depth discrimination capabilities of plenoptic cameras. A simple formula quantifying the depth resolution will be
given and used to drive the principal design choices for a good depth measuring single lens system.

Optimal Depth Resolution in Plenoptic Imaging“, V. Drazic, IEEE Internacional Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 19-23 July 2010, Singapore (ICMA 2010)