Photonic nanojet generated by dielectric multi-material microstructures.

 In this paper we study high-intensity nanojet (NJ) beams generated at the output of dielectric multi-material elements. The proposed method for generating condensed optical NJ beams relies on the complex electromagnetic phenomenon associated with the light diffraction on the edges of constitutive parts of the studied system embedded in a host medium with lower refractive index. The possibility of NJ shift and deviation in the near zone of such a microstructure illuminated by a plane wave is demonstrated via   a double-material microstructure. We examine the dependence of NJ beam behavior and orientation on the materials and dimensions of the constitutive parts.

Photonic nanojet generated by dielectric multi-material microstructures.“, Oksana Shramkova*, Laurent Blondé, Valter Drazic, Bobin Varghese, Valérie Allié , META July 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.