Camera-agnostic format and processing for light-field data

Light-field (LF) is foreseen as an enabler for the next generation of 3D/AR/VR experiences. However, lack of unified representation, storage and processing formats, variant LF acquisition systems and capture-specific LF processing algorithms prevent cross-platform approaches and constrain the advancement and standardization process of the LF information. In this work we present our vision for camera-agnostic format and processing of LF data, aiming at a common ground for LF data storage, communication and processing. As a proof-of-concept for camera-agnostic pipeline, we present a new and efficient LF storage format (for 4D rays) and demonstrate feasibility of camera-agnostic LF processing. To do so, we implement a camera-agnostic depth extraction method. We use LF data from a camera-rig acquisition setup and several synthetic inputs including plenoptic and non-plenoptic captures, to emphasize the camera-agnostic nature of the proposed LF storage and processing pipeline.

Camera-agnostic format and processing for light-field data“,  Mitra Damghanian, Paul Kerbiriou, Valter Drazic, Didier Doyen, Laurent Blondé,  2017 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW), 10-14 July 2017


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